DevOps Engineer

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Salsita is a high-end software development consultancy headquartered in Prague.

We embrace innovation and are constantly looking out for cutting edge technologies and use them in our projects. React & Redux, Typescript and React Native are our bread and butter.

Some of the cool projects we have been working on lately include:

eBay - we are building a Big Data business intelligence application for the top management of eBay. The application provides insight to all of the eBay business related traffic and resources allocation in real time, and it lets the users set up custom dashboards and views of all the data.
SAP / Purple - we are developing and delivering an immersive experience room, where visitors are surrounded by custom made 360 degree video, imagery, animations and interactive special effects. Part of the delivery is CMS and a scalable architecture solution.
LetzNav - A browser extension which facilitates workflow through messy corporate websites. Surprisingly leverages the theory of distributed systems due to the need of multiple frames state synchronization. Uses Angular 4.
- - a digital menu based ordering system. Assists waiters to order meal through tablets. Written in React with Redux.

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